Managing Morning Sickness During Your Pregnancy

8 December 2022
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Morning sickness during pregnancy isn't inevitable. However, a significant proportion of women experience it and struggle to find ways to manage it. Despite its name, it can occur at all times of the day. And in some cases, it lasts beyond the first trimester. Here are some ways to manage it. Start Resting More Tiredness exacerbates morning sickness, so seize opportunities to rest when you can. If you're leading a busy lifestyle, try finding ways to get more sleep or incorporate naps into your day. Read More 

Common Mistakes Young Women Make When Choosing A Gynaecologist

13 April 2021
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There comes a time when every young lady must see a gynaecologist, mainly because it is a crucial step towards maintaining good overall health. However, the first visit to a GYN can be scary for young women since they don't know what to expect. For some women, the thought of sharing and discussing personal and sensitive health topics clouds their judgment. Consequently, it leads to poor decision-making when choosing a gynaecologist. Read More 

Beat the Heat! What You Should Do to Minimise the Effect of Menopausal Hot Flashes

21 March 2020
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As women approach menopause, it doesn't 'welcome' them all the same way. While some women experience a friendly menopausal transition, others can't stand the hot sensations or hot flashes the transition causes. Hot flashes can be painful and distressing, and they can last for a few minutes, showing symptoms like skin reddening–flushing. Although most obstetricians usually use contemporary medications to relieve these sensations, they still insist that natural remedies can be used to prevent them. Read More