Common Mistakes Young Women Make When Choosing A Gynaecologist

13 April 2021
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There comes a time when every young lady must see a gynaecologist, mainly because it is a crucial step towards maintaining good overall health. However, the first visit to a GYN can be scary for young women since they don't know what to expect. For some women, the thought of sharing and discussing personal and sensitive health topics clouds their judgment. Consequently, it leads to poor decision-making when choosing a gynaecologist. This article highlights common mistakes young women should avoid when selecting a GYN for the first time.

Gender-Based Decisions

Discussing sensitive personal information about your body with another person can be overwhelming. It is even scarier for some women if the person is a man. It is no wonder some women only visit female gynaecologists. Notably, there is nothing wrong with female gynaecologists, especially if they are qualified and have a good reputation. The reason is that patients have the right to choose a practitioner they are comfortable with. However, a GYN's gender should not be the only thing guiding your decision. If you do this, you risk denying yourself the best professional care. Reputable male gynaecologists are equally good, and they will treat you with the same professionalism as female practitioners. Most importantly, you should prioritise your health, which means going for the best professional regardless of gender.

Focusing on Self-Consciousness

While discharges, odours, and the physical appearance of your genitals can feel embarrassing, you should not let your self-consciousness get in the way of making the right decision. Unfortunately, some young women struggle to get over the hurdle. For instance, a young woman who is self-conscious about her genitals might prefer an older gynecologist to a younger gynaecologist. You should remember that the purpose of a gynaecologist's appointment is solely medical. Thus, a professional practitioner will focus on your hygiene and health and not your physical attributes. Therefore, always choose a gynecologist based on your health needs.

Ignoring Clinic/Hospital Quality

Just because there is a gynaecologist clinic in your neighbourhood does not mean that you should prioritise convenience over health. Proximity to a gynaecologist's clinic does not account for much if the quality of services leaves a lot to be desired. It is crucial when dealing with vaginal health because the last thing you need is complications. Ideally, look for a clinic based on the quality of medical services.

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